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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
thanks. i was hoping you would chime in. the house belongs to my aunt. the landscaping hasnt been touched since late 2006. my aunt really didnt care, after my uncle was killed by a drunk driver in Feb 2007. my uncle always took care of the yard.
Glad i could give some insight, sorry about your uncle man. I am sure you will bring back the yard for her again. Keep us updated throughout the job.

Another thing you could do to make it look more "soft" per-se would be to use just one stone for the islands and bury it almost flush with the turf. Maybe 1" higher. This will give it a crisp look without a manufactured stone look, the compacted soil around the stone will keep the stone secured and then you could just edge/dig down the inside of the stone(in the beds) so it still is crisp and no mulch or pine stray is getting on the turf. This will make the focal point still attracted to the house and main landscaping instead of all of this stone from the road.

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