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Originally Posted by JShe8918 View Post
The new design looks great! I am curious though, do you shape your boxwoods before you plant them? The boxwoods you plant always seem to be shaped nicely. I am working with a local business doing something similar. Few winter gem boxwoods and a gyokuro crypto on either side of the sign. BTW your work is looking great like always!
Thanks. Most of the boxwoods I planted this Fall were dug by me from a friend's field. He started growing 4 or 5 years ago and now he has some great plants. When i go out there, I trim them and then dig. Makes it easier to decide on matching sizes- and it looks better when I put them in. If I trim some to see their exact size and I don't dig them, no harm!

I have trimmed some from nurseries before... just depends on how leggy and bad they are when purchased.
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