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Originally Posted by irrig8r View Post
I have a customer for whom I installed four Kichler 15732 LED uplights
in his yard August 2010.

He is happy with the lights except that (coincidentally I think), his
GFI trips intermittently.

I checked the system for shorts and couldn't find any. It's a 10 year
old Unique transformer with a fuse, and the fuse does not blow. It's
just the GFI tripping.

I concluded that the had to be either the GFI itself, the line voltage
side of the transformer, or maybe some other device on the same
circuit with a big power demand turning on at the same times as the

I think what I am going to do is take a spare transformer over and
temporarily replace his (I have a Vista MT on hand I think.)

What would you do? What about the notion of something else on the
circuit that turns on at night? He doesn't seem to know what else is on it.
first off, I am going to guess u have an in use cover in place. why a ten year old unique transformer? Was it there before and u added to it? did u install it new and its been in your shop for ten years? Answer this question and we'll trouble shoot on.
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