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Classy website with a good use of pictures and font colors. Besides having too many phrases in quotes that do not need to be in quotes, such as “lawn care” and "curb appeal" here’s what I would change…
Homepage: You probably don’t need to say what type of equipment you use. Most people don’t know what stihl, walker, and toro are. You could loose the stihl logo at the bottom also. I would completely rewrite those paragraphs. They're too long and don’t really offer much info other than that you give free estimates. Nobody wants to read all of that. Try bullet points. You could even put your services on the homepage. By the way, I’m sure other landscape companies do understand landscape design so maybe you shouldn’t belittle them.
About Us: this page is good
Contact Us: something tells me that the word “heading” isn’t supposed to be there.
Service List: Delete the word “backyard.” Front yards exist too. “Weekly” should come before “bi-monthly.” I know what you mean by “no more than 1/3 of your grass is ever removed” but customers might be like what? Also if you are offering bi-weekly this will be far from true. Are you missing any services? Do you lay mulch, trim hedges, fertilize, etc?
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