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Hey Thanks man! and take your time with the multiple crews and having employees, finding the right people can be hard at times and make you pull your hair out, I kind of jumped in blind at running crews and having employees and after i found some good guys it made alot better the best advice i have is find one good guy you can trust doing anything for every crew you have, so if you have 5 crews you need 5 of them guys, and as for the sulkeys we love them on our ferris walk behinds but i hooked one up on the turf tracer and it wouldnt pull it on a hill i guess its too heavy for its wheel base or something but it works great on the ferris, you never leave your controls when turning and thats my favorite thing, and no silly looking tire mark in the middle of your stripe ( no offense if anyone likes that) but they will wear out just as fast as velke and cost about 380$ so they wont last any longer but we grease them daily and get about 1 1/12 out of them and then we just replace the bearings and tires and good to go again! Hope that helps!
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