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The First is a result of having the irrigation design calling for all rotary heads because it was all supposed to be turf, then they added shrubs and needed to have water to everything. Instead of having shrub heads and adding zones for popups, they jerry-rigged this. It shows a PVC at ground level, mated to another PVC riser, which is then mated to a brass pipe, which is then mounted to the rotary head. The whole thing is held in place by a piece of rebar driven into the ground and wrapped with duct tape around the PVC pipe to prevent the torque of the water stream from rotating the pipe out of angle.

The second one is from a ground level head that they decided to reroute to a raised flowerbed and this is the result. Instead of drilling a hole through the concrete below soil level, they spliced this thing around the wall.

This is a Brickman job that I'm taking over in January.
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