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As i am thinking about it more, i think more and more that buying and financing is the way to go. I have read so many forums about how tractors and skids dont have very much breakdowns(besides slipping a track(trackloaders) but other than they they run pretty cleanly for the lift of the engine and the care that is taken.

If i finance the tractor for 60 months,payment would be between 300-450 per month depending on options. I am looking at the Kubota L40 Grand or the John deere 4105 with turf tires.

If i buy used, i am looking at around 16k for a decent sides tractor or skid and that money will be gone, but i will have no payments on anything so i wont HAVE to do work to justify it and it could sit if it very well may do for a couple of months.

I would much rather have a tractor, but i think a skid would be way more benificial for me because i could get a kage system on there and sub it out in the winter. Which would pretty much pay for the entire thing in one year. Also, i can work for my uncles building company to do grading so they dont have to hire an outside company after they do foundation digging.

I have a long ways to go back and forth before i purchase but i like getting it all out and hearing what you guys think about it before i pull the trigger.

My deadline is around March 30th, so ive got pleanty of time.

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