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wholesale costs of goods posted.

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I have noticed a few posts with the wholesale costs of goods posted. This is strickly forbidden on the Landscape lighting side of lawnsite I frequent from March 1-Sept 1. I have never really had any problem with talking about costs of anything else in the biz, marketing costs, insurance, warehouse, vehicles, etc. But I have always drawn the line and encouraged others to do the same when it comes to quoting here the cost of goods we sell for retail in the business.

Although it seems as though the last 3-4 years everyone has pretty much refrained from revealing this info, recently others have chosen to go the other way on this. Since I know that a large minority of my bids google me and read my lawnsite posts, I really cannot allow my name to be associated though google with what I consider to be information that can only hurt me in the bidding process. while others can hide from google by using a unique lawnsite screen name, I do not have that luxury.

I understand the value of a good deal, and sharing this pricing info with each other can have value as well. I am, however, choosing to not link these posts with my name.

so with that, you will see me posting less here as long as I see costs of goods sold being discussed. You will still see me over on the lanscape lighting side of lawnsite if you wish.

Merry Christmas.
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