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I agree with you that state chapters and regional chapters will be extremely helpful in bolstering the # of members and along with it, those that pursue this and other certifications. It is happening. CA is the first and presently only state chapter. They have already held many functions and have had 2 rounds of clvlt testing, I think adding 10 or 11 clvlt's along with new members. What I have noticed since joining is few trying to do all. That has changed for the better over the last few years. I believe there are 3 or 4 other states that are close to starting their own chapters. Thankfully, the california chapter has blazed a trail for future chapters to follow. There's a lot...a lot of work involved in getting an effective chapter up and running. Work done by people like us that have full time jobs, family etc. But I feel the snow ball getting bigger and picking up speed as it roles down the hill. the good news for you and others from Ohio and I would guess, northern KY is the Wolfcreek Dist is working towards hosting a clvlt testing session. Brooke Perin from Wolfcreek is working on that. I will talk to her and keep you posted. We, the state of Kentucky, are close to having enough members to start our own chapter as I believe Ohio is. My guess is that if wolfcreek gets the clvlt certification process off the ground we will see chapters in both states soon. Hope this is helpful to you, I know it would be helpful to your business
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