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12 Acre Pond Question

I had a customer contact me the other day about a 12 acre pond filled with silt. He said it is about 2 feet deep now and wants to have it dug out. This is on a farm so I don't think he really knows what he is getting into but I thought I would run this by the forum anyway.

First question. With a pond this size I think it would be cheaper to dig out a small section of the dam to drain the water than trying to pump or buy a siphon. My thought would be to do this during the winter and plan to actually do any work this summer when it nice and dry. This will depend on if the pond used to water livestock which I will find out when I meet with him after the holidays.

I have thought of a couple of options that I'd like to hear feedback on. My overall thought is the customer won't have the money to dig out the full 12 acres and haul off or dump onsite so I am trying to think of options for him that would fit into different price ranges.

First would be to reduce the pond into half the size and just use half the pond as a place to deposit the silt that is removed. I am guessing a dozer would be the best option and yes, the pond would have to be bone dry. The good points about this would be no hauling cost and the customer would have 6 acres of a nice 5 foot pond and he could always have other half dug out when he has more funds in the future.

Second option that he asked about on the phone is digging out the silt around the edge of the pond. The good would be we could just dig out however much fits his budget. The negative is we would have to haul away or transport the silt out of the pond and he would still have pond lils/junk building up in the shallow parts.

The last option would be to use the silt to create an island in the middle of the pond. That would prevent needing to haul the material and we could even bring in the sand to make a little beach.

The equipment I have is a 4.5 ton mini and a wide track skid steer. I know for option one a dozer would be better. For option two I think the mini would be ok. If we make the island, if possible I'd still like to use what I have vs paying the rental company. I do this part time so I'm not as worried about how long it takes but more concerned about if the wear and tear on my equipment would be vs cost of the rental would make using my equipment not worth it.

Any thoughts on the options i have listed, what equipment, or new ideas are welcome. The scale of this project is larger than what I would normally think of taking on but the customer knows I do this part time so if I can find a way to make it work it sounds like a fun project.
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