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Back in 2006 I started checking into training and certifications available for landscape lighting. After attending a few manufacturer classes, I found AOLP (used to be called LVLIA). I signed up for the 2007 CLVLT test, got the study guide, and was initially pretty overwhelmed. I guess I was expecting something more spoon-fed like most manufacturer classes, but the CLVLT was a lot more involved. I started reading the guide, called a couple of members (who I'd never met before) to ask questions, and showed up for my first conference. The test is tough, but fair, and being that way makes it well worth the effort. I work for a distributor where it's my job to train contractors in lighting "best practices" - including design, specification and installation - and AOLP and its members have been instrumental in gaining that knowledge. It all started with the CLVLT test. Once you learn the right way to install and service lighting, you'll know WHY you're doing something a certain way. That alone separates you from most of the competition, but it also gives you a common language with a number of knowledgeable lighting contractors throughout North America. Studying for the CLVLT test will bring all of this information to you. It both elevates the profession as well as grows the market for contractors who invest their time and effort in learning. It benefits everyone - you as a contractor, your customers, and the industry. No other single investment you make will educate you more.
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