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well said bryan. I have often thought that it would be easy for my local competition to be successful and maybe beat me here locally, just read lawnsite!

But it never ceases to amaze me that they all do the same thing- price this work so cheaply so they get lots and lots of work, then quit because they make no money.

just a quick rant here as a Christmas present for everyone-

The rampant stupidity never stops, I went out of my way to attempt to train and did consulting for a local start up 3 years ago, and it never fails, THAT guy thought he was smarter than me and in that same season sold jobs for a buck a foot. He somehow sold that company last year and the new owner is the one that I have posted previously that pays his employees a bonus for every competitors sign they can steal. The kicker is this, deep down I am sure he thinks he is smarter than me. Yet, his location costs about 4x per square foot what I pay, and he charges about 40-60% less than me. hmm, doing the math he will be out of business in 3 years or less.

As of this year, 19 christmas light companies or businesses with Christmas light divisions have now come and gone in the last 11 years. there are at least 8 other businesses that I am aware of that are currently doing what I do.

It always amazes me that electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling guys, pesticide companies, Audio/video installation companies, even security system companies, basically "service" trades all seem to have a floor and a medium of pricing that allows the owner of the business to do several things. 1, cover all costs, which ususlly include fairly new trucks, paying a pretty good wage to employees, and having pretty expensive/ good marketing and client literature stuff, and provides decent profit or "risk return" to the owner to be able to live a middle class or upper living style.

Unfortunately Christmas lights is becoming another in those long line of lawn care/landscape businesses that refuses to do that.

ok, rant over, I feel better.
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