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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
My thoughts exactly. If you removed 3 ft from the lake on average thats almost 60000 yards of material. Thats about 4000 dumptruck loads of material.

Or 70000+ buckets with a skid steer. or 280000 sccops with a mini ex. I hope your grease gun is ready!
Easy Tiger! If you read my original post I recommended either reducing the pond to 6 acres which at 3 feet deep is 9798 cubic yards or creating islands which say at 4 acres worth of island it goes to 13064.

If I go the island option i could create several smaller ones which reduces the distance needed to move the material. After sleeping on it I agree a mini and skid steer wouldn't be the right option. However i am now wondering what if I rent a 160 to 200 excavator to get the material from the edges to several rough piles and then use the skid steer/ mini to actually create the islands. I could even wait a couple weeks in between to give the piles a chance to dry out some depending on if the material is wet at 3 feet deep.
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