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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
So 105k plus people died in a war to fight terrorism in the last 10 years. The war pissed even more off and people are/were/will join into the terrorst groups. The groups will NEVER go away. The terrorists already won. They disrupted our lives and killed 5k plus more of our people. Our econemy is in the crapper, people are scared (like you) and many have lost their homes. All because people wanted revenge? Terrorist thrats have ALWAYS been a reality. They snuck a good one through at 9/11. That does not mean we needed to throw a temper tantrum and throw our sons and daughters into a senseless war. I feel srry for ALL the victims of this stupid war and US Americans look like idiots. We now have more enemies.
I never said I was scared. Now you're getting tense. I never said I was happy about war and the lives lost. It's not revenge, it's protecting ourselves. The Middle East has always been a place of hell. Look back hundreds even thousands of years ago. Those people hate each other and now more than ever they hate us and want to kill us.
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