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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
Over 105,000 people died in the war in the last 10 years. How many people do you think wld have died through acts of terrorism in those ame 10 years if we sat back and used a more intelligent approach?
i think possibly more people could have died in those 10 years if we would have sat back......

sitting back sends out a message. a message that says terriosts can get away with any thing.

those 105,000 did not die in vane. yes it was, is a great lose, but a necessary one i feel. and if it had to be done all over again i would suggest it be done just as it was.

personally i get tired of reading and hearing all these people who are against the war and so blind that if we don't defend ourselves as we have what little freedoms we have left will be gone.

no one like war, but some times it is necessary to protect our lives.
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