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Originally Posted by T_S_S View Post
I've done lots of work on sediment control ponds , there is no way you can do it all with a mini ex and tracked skidsteer. The mud won't take form so building the islands isn't going to work. As soon as the pond fills back up your islands will just turn back into silt and slough back into the pond. Best way is get 2 6 inch pumps, pump it down and attack it with a 20 tonne ex. Working with silt is alot different then working with dry dirt. Charge the guy by the hour and make sure you have some swamp mats .
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yeah, I think i have finally come to terms the mini and skidsteer aren't going to cut it. I had thought about digging a trench in the dam to let the water drain and keep it like that for several months to give the silt a chance to dry. You don't think that would work for creating an island? I ask because I don't think there is any way the customer has the amount of money for hauling the material out.
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