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1st Mower

New to commercial lawn mowing.

I'm 17 and have around 12 accounts that on average take 45mn to a hour to complete (one takes 2 hours to mow) with my 21"YardMan W/b. I'm STILL growing by word of mounth.

My question to you is this :
Is this the right time to upgrade to a commercial size mower?
OR... Am I still young enough that i can stick it out for another year or so?

Since i'm a teenager i dont have much money to work with if i choose to upgrade. Since i'm under 18 i cant take out a loan.

I'm interested in a used commercial grade mower W/B with a 36'' deck that i can add a sulke to. I'm not interested in anything over $2500. Can you find a mower at this dollar? Or would it be wizer to stick it out and save up?

Thanks for the advice.
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