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Originally Posted by lawn king View Post
A skid is the way to go if your primary business is digging/construction. A tractor will do anything that a skid will, but it will take longer. A skid will not do everything a tractor will! One thing to keep in mind is quality tractor implements are much more affordable than skid attachments!You dont aerate athletic fields with a skid! This is a tough decision, look before you leap!
I have gone back and forth on this topic in my head for quite sometime now. What i am going to do:

PLAN A-If i can find a t190 or s185 with less than 1k hours on it for less than 15k i am going to buy it

PLAN B: I will find a 35-45 hp compact tractoruse in the 13-15k range with less than 1000 hrs on it

PLAN C: If i cant find either of those machines i will go with an older 763 bobcat low hours or buy a brand new 4000 series john deere with just the loader and add attachments as i go.

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