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Originally Posted by johnnybow View Post
I have a half ton that is rated for 7k and im looking at getting a dump that has a gvwr of 7k. How hard is it going to be on the truck? I know it can do it but is it going to junk it in a couple years? thanks
How heavy is the trailer? How much weight will you be carrying on a daily basis?

Thing is if the trailer weighs 1,000 lb and your equipment weighs 1,000 lb then no problem.

If used just to haul material or debris, how often and how heavy will the loads be?

Years ago a cheap ass plumber would only buy 1/2 pickup's. By 50,000 miles the rear would be shot and he'd lose a day or two with his truck in the shop.

Now in the shop our lifts would pickup suburbans and 3/4 and 1 ton pu's with no problem. His truck's the lifts would strain and the truck would flex as the truck wheels left the shop floor.

The truck had ton's as in lots and lots of heavy duty plumbling tools and plumbing stock in the 8' bed with a cap.

Now being that his truck was loaded that heavy 24/7 he needed at least a 3/4 if not a 1 ton. But he refused to spend the money.
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