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Originally Posted by PROPERTYLAWNSERVICELLC View Post
Who will you vote for in 2012
The same person I said will win this over 2 years ago on this site Newt.

We can go down the list if you like but its quite obvious who will take it.

Michele Bachmann Is conservative but doesn't know much and you see it when she debates it starts with simple talking points over and over. Yea we got it your a purest and would rather get nothing then settle for 80-90% of what you want in a bill. Total dead end and her attacks on Newt are pathetic. Id like to see her in an orange parka like Kenny because when she gets going that's what she sounds like to me.

Ron Paul the other purest in the race both him and Backmann routinely vote against their own party with the Dems and say its because the bills were not strong enough. He has no foreign policy and his cuts are so radical they would never get passed. Add in his libertarian views and he has no chance in the primaries he may win Iowa but would be lucky to get 5-10% in the rest of the country DOA.

Mitt Romney A New England Rhino the most liberal of the candidates and on some tax issues he is left of Obama. Has the guts to attack Newt in ads but runs from them when face to face on stage. He and the first 2 all violate Reagan's 11th commandment thou shall not speak ill of fellow Republicans. You gotta love his 59 point economic plan that even he doesn't know all the points too.

Rick Santorum Social Conservative significantly smarter then Backmann but doesn't seem to like talking economics. He has a few little gimiics but they get him no traction and while he makes the religious voters happy it won't be enough. Also its hard to shake off endorsing Arlen Specter over a real conservative primary challenger Pat Toomey who went on to win. I understand he was a sitting Senator but if that was an issue then just don't endorse either and sit it out.

Rick Perry He has money and the typical southern speech pattern and I think I have had enough Texas governors to last me a life time. Add in his debate performances the brain freeze was bad but the 5 min argument over who cuts Romney's lawn unforgivable. He managed to drop 20 points in about a month with those ill conceived personal attacks on the Rhino. I admire his dislike for Romney but a debate stage should be about your ideas not another candidates flaws.

Jon Huntsman Hes over his head and will be lucky he get 2-4% of the vote. His Douglass debate with Gingrich was eye opening though the man is an expert on China there is no question about that. To bad for him that issue ranks about 20th on our most important issues. He wants an appointment and if hes a good boy he might just get one.

Newt Gingrich Former Speaker was able to go from 1.4% to over 40% in some polls with virtually no money. He did that based on his debate performances now that hes there he gets to deal with all the petty bs that goes with that and spends half of each debate dealing with personal attacks mostly from Backmann and Paul. But still manages to hit home runs when liberal moderators try to play gotcha.

Its been said he has more ideas in a day then most do all year and you see it when he deliberately sets up controversy's before debates. Which guarantee he will get questions he wants that others haven't even thought of preparing for. The judges in his last debate which he backed up with a 200 year history lesson. He is the only one who is a true friend to Israel and it was great to see him debate the Palestinians which are an invented people and he backed that up. And lets not forget the illegal issue the debate before which he has the best plan on the republican side for dealing with them. Including residency not citizenship preventing millions more democrat voters.

He will win and a huge reason is people would love to see him debate Obama. His tax plan is also the best among them and no one can touch him on Foreign policy. He has a record of getting things accomplished where the purest make stands he finds ways to solve issues.
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