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The one advantage of mowing contracts is that you have more customers per dollar for accounts. The only thing we use mowing for is to upsell work that pays. The margin on mowing is solidly limited. With chemical, is like the sky is the limit. I can make STUPID money with chem even besides the regular fert and weed aps. (Actually, as you know, the fert and weed is just the base of the business...everything else is the larger income). I have a few select mowing contracts that I do for the simple reason that they are real close to base, and I have had them for years and years. This also keeps some equipmen t running to do cleanups and such. Everything else, I have got rid of by giving them to other services I know, according to their location. Mowing is too hard of work and too time consuming for the margin it makes, anymore. I'm not saying there is NO money to be made in maintenance, especially if you are upselling the tree care, shrub trimming, and installation renovations, I'm just saying that lawn maintenance doesn't have nearly the margin of lawn care. I make as much just pulling UP on a job before I even drop a grain of fertilizer as what I do mowing a property, trimming it all out, and blowing it all off. As far as getting IN to mowing,...yeah,...not MUCH of a learning curve. That's the good thing about mowing...a monkey can do it,...and quite often, do. Some learning of techniques, what and what not to do, and some practice, and you can be striping like the pros. Alot of it comes from experience, and alot of it can now come from advice - especially from people of whom have been doing it for years. I have helped many people get in to it. The latest, Drew (First Impressions), does some of the most beautiful work in the area! Myself, I've been doing it for around - Oh my God! 30 years, now! I gotta retire!

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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