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Thats a crisp photo. I know it's difficult for a photo to tell the overall story. are you standing with the back of the house behind you? Is the water feature seen thru any of the windows of rooms that are used after dark? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, can you tell me what the focal point of the water feature is during the day? What is the focal point at night? are they the same? Here's a thought, as the designer and installer of the water feature you are controlling what they see and how they see that water feature in daytime but you are under the control of the sun/daylight and the way the daylight shows off your work at different times of the day. At night, as long as there isn't overwhelming ambient light, you are in total control of how that same feature is seen. You can creat a totally different view at night. a water feature that is obvious by day can draw the eye at night by enhancing the sense of hearing. Another thought, with some basic control systems, 2 scenes could be created. One that is very subtle when setting on the patio, one that is more powerful when viewed from inside where the pupil is more constricted due to ambient light. Nice effort. Check out the website below about the AOLP conference. If you're interested in joining get in touch with Paul Gosselin, you see his comments on the lighting forum under "Texas Chapter" I believe. They have just formed a Texas chapter. Seems like you have an interst in outdoor lighting and i believe you would benefit from meeting others.
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