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we then began setting stringers. you'll also noticed we set braces in 2 directions on every post, and kept them there for about 4 days, or for as long as we could as we built the fence. we used our pickets for braces. fence posts have been cut off tops and leveled at 96" above ground.

we used 4, 2x6x10's for stringers between each post. the posts were set 10 foot 3 inches on center apart. when you get rough cut lumber direct from the sawmaill, you can specify thickness, I specified all dimensions in "full" meaning these 2x6's were actually 2x6. again this is white oak. we cut 2 inch long hanging brackets from 1/8" thick 2x2 angle iron and drilled 3/16" holes, 2 for post and 1 for stringer. we used the left over 1 5/8" green screws from my metal roof last year, I had about 500 or so left from the 5000 I bought. about 10 cents each, I think. I may have to check my notes.

each post opening ( or space between posts ) gets 4 stringers and 16 brackets, 48 screws. 11 openings, so -

44 2x6x10's - 50 cents a board foot- 5 bucks a board- $220
angle iron, 2 20 foot sticks for 25 bucks each- $50
screws- 48x11- about 500- $50.00
14" abrasive blades for chop saw ( for the record, don't get the crappy harbor freight 5 pack of blades for 20 bucks. get 1 dewalt high performance abrasive blade for 9. learned that the hard way )- $29
total for stringers- $349
total so far- $1189
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