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next photo shows stringers done and caps, and to give you a feel for the height of the fortress like fence ( hey, remember, anything worth doing is worth overdoing), I also have included Jerry in the picture. Jerry, like a few temp guys I have employed, has done a little of everything. framing, fencing, decking, electrical work, heating, cooling. he has been an awesome employee, so If I can afford the labor and materials, we work.

Jerry is also about 5'10, and it gives you a feel for how tall this fence is. with the 2x10 cap you see here, the height from the ground actually ranges from 99-103, depending on the lay of the land. we ran a string from the top of the first post to last, so the cap would follow a natural line. This is where is comes in handy to get wood from the sawmill. a 2" thick cap looks good, and they came about 10 foot 3" to 10 foot 6" long. we used every inch. so putting the posts 10 foot 3" on center worked out perfectly with the lumber. we used 3 1/2" hot dipped galvanized air nails to atatch the cap to the posts.

11 2x10x10 - 8.33 each, $91.63
box of galvanized framing nails, I had, but we used 10 bucks worth.
labor to hang stringers ( forgot in last post) and caps, 2 guys for 2 days-and yes, it takes that long. $320
add 421.63 to previous total-, new total is now= $1610.63
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