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last photo from yesterday shows 3 panels done, and we currently have 6 panels done as of today. It takes a day to do 3 panels. but it is christmas time and the 2 guys on this project seem to be stretching it out a bit. every board has to be cut and squared off, plus we do trims boards under cap on each side. the front has boards butted up against posts, the back fills in the blanks. the spacing between boards is about 3 1/2 inches. so wind can go through, staight on you get 100% privacy but at angled viewing you get about 85% privacy. each opening uses 27 boards. if I had to do this again I would use 12 foot 8x8 posts, as the fence could have been 10 foot tall for about the same cost and labor. I asked for 8 foot long pickets, full 1x6, the sawmill sold me 10 footers for the 8 foot price when I got there to pick up the order. but the 8x8's for the posts were already cut.

On ebay, I bought 3600 stainless steel 3 inch twisty nails for my coil framing nailer. be aware that 3" of oak is very hard and you need a very good gun to sink the nails. the 3 1/2" nails from my ridged stick nailer needed a few taps from the framing nailer here and there. the bostitch coil nailer can do up to a 4 inch nail and is designed for those LVL glue lam beams. so it had no problems. I bought 220 pickets, I will run out and have to buy more- but the math below assumes I bought enough.

you also may have seen the 4x8x16 inch blocks in the previous photo. to prevent sag in the stringers, we sunk the blocks in the middle of the openings, and ran a 2x10 wood block from the concrete to the bottom stringer. with all the pickets and bottom and top trim nailed in, the panel feels incredibly stong.

nails, box- $85
27 1x6x10's per opening, x11-( they only charged me for 8 footers or 2 bucks each ) $594
circular saw blade- 10 bucks
labor- estimated- 4 days x 2 guys. $640
total for pickets and trim boards, -$1329
grand total without stain and gate- $2939.63

so your thought is wow, this fence is expensive. and it is. 110 linear feet and we are at 3 grand, and it aill probably get close to 4 grand once we stain and gate it. but it allows us to park our trucks in front of the gateto open it now, and it really gets rid of a bent and ugly chain link fence on the front at least for now. once stained red, it will blend with the barn and make the property look very nice. It also shields the box trucks and employee cars, and makes the place look nice. we also went to a 20 foot wide opeing from a 16. next photos and posts will be the gates, probably built by next week.
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