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The decision to accept responsibility for a "doubtful" damage claim should be done on a "case by case" basis. The first question is, "do I think we caused the damage"? and secondly is how important is the client? I never accept responsibility for something that I know is bogus. For example one of our townhouse clients recently claimed that we cracked a window in their clubhouse. We had not mowed in weeks (too cold) and the window was too high from the ground for a blower to have caused the damage. I was able to demonstrate that the street elevation was a perfect angle for a bee-bee gun or pellet rifle to have caused the crack. As far as writing into the contract a disclaimer, those disclaimers are not worth the ink you use for them. If you cause damage, you have to pay - the parking garages try and get away with that one too; but if their attendant backs into a vehicle or causes damage they have to pay.
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