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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
What is your average size property?
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This should be the first consideration - size does matter!

On a lot of smaller yards ridem's are just to awkward!

But the rest of what Islyvain said is on the money : As far as walkbehind or rider. I am a strong believer in the walkbehind. Hydro walk behinds are zero turns they may run a few MPH slower than the riders on paper but at least from my experience the overall time is roughly the same. The walk behinds have a few benifits that the mid mound riders and standers don't, first the out front deck allows you to get under and around things that the others can't and when going under trees with low limbs you can squat down behind the handlebars and not get smacked in the face. When dealing with hills, ditches, and ponds the walk behind cannot be beat the lower center of gravity allows you to mow just about any slope with out fear of rollover and even if it does roll over your feet are firmly on the ground as you watch the machine tumble down the hill instead of being crushed under it. 3rdly it is darn near impossible to get a walk behind stuck and if you do, it is light enough to get unstuck pretty easily. If you do your own repair work they are far cheaper to work on and the engines are usually cheaper as well since they can run a lower HP than the riders.

The down side. Tired legs but you get some great calf definition. lol

I'll take the tired legs over a broken back any day!
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