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Originally Posted by Terry Metro Lawn View Post
Not only that but the EPA says that over 17 million gallons are SPILLED each year. That's more than the Exxon Valdez.

It's crazy...
When it comes to mowers and the like I'd like to think the majority of those spilling are home owners.

Looking at the Lehr I have two issues... The first are they really able to hold up to commercial use? I understand that propane is clean things like plugs and carbs will not foul up. As a whole how is the machine assembled? Can it take the being pulled off the rack a dozen times a day?

The next issue is the 1 pound canisters of fuel. For a landscape that cost might add up quicky and might not be the most effective.

For a home owner I think they would be the ticket. Not sure how viable they would be in a commercial application.

Any thoughts?
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