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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
I think you could see an extra 2000-3000 profit a week with 2 guys mowing if you did your homework. 2 guys 60 a hour and 40 hour week is $4800. I was extremely generous with expenses.
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60 an hour is the target for when they are actually working. 40 hours of income is never a 40 hour week there are things called drive time to each lawn. Load time in the morning unload time in the evening. Then there are unforeseen issues flat tires damaged blades thrown belts. Then there are the real unforeseen nightmares engine issues hydraulic issues electrical issues and problems with your 2 cycle equipment. Not sure about you but I always get stuck talking to at-least 5% of my customer's each week. Next is lunch breaks since I work my guys to the breaking point I never subtract for lunches so that's also paid. To hit 40 hours of income per man per week your actually looking at 50-60 hours on the clock per man. And its much closer to 60 then it is 50.
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