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How about this, If you accidently break a window...offer first to pay the clients deductible to fix the window. Or, if that doesn't work suggest that you will have it repaired and pay for it.

The deductible on auto glass here is About $200.00 My home owners deductible is $500.00.....usually a broken window repair is much less than that. Check the average rates where you work. I'll bet they are lower than mine.

My liability deductible is 1000 on the business insurance. If we were to break a window, the repair cost would usually be alot less than my deductible.

If I use my insurance to cover a claim, my fees will go up the next year. If you put in too many claims, your insurance company will drop you as a client.

I don't have a rider to cover broken windows in my company contracts. My contracts do state that it is the clients responsibility to clean up toys, furniture, hoses, dog waste, flower pots, removeable wading pools and other hazards or items which may be broken or damaged by our equipment or which may pose a health or safety hazard to our employees, from our service area by 8 am on their normal service day...or those areas will be avoided.

If we have to do three minutes of clean-up on every HOA yard and there are 100 units...that could mean an extra five hours a week that the company isn't getting paid for.

Also my contracts state that " any messes created by another, including other contractors will be cleaned up by them. If we have to clean it up, there will be an additional cost billed to the clients or the HOA."

I'm starting to ramble a bit, so Have a Great Christmas
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