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Originally Posted by NEW CITY LAWN CARE LLC View Post
In my opinion and experience I feel the best way to get in the door is to go to a commercial complex or apartment, etc., and talk to the manager and simply ask if you could be added to their yearly bidders list, this will more often then not get you the opportunity to bid in the future, Good Luck!
I would have to respectfully disagree there. I have "cold called" hundreds of commercial sites like you described here, and have NEVER, I mean NEVER gotten a job or a callback, or one shred of interest by using this approach.

My commercial jobs all have come from knowing someone or being referred. My accountant turned me on to one job, I was my HOA vice president of another job, I'm in the business league with another guy who got me in front of the table to bid a job, in the Chamber of Commerce with another guy.

Most of the time, apartment managers are not the ones with any authority to select vendors or make changes to current vendors, it's all run through their corporate office in another town/state. They'll act polite and take your info/bid/card, but 9 times out of 10, they are just some poor Joe Blow sitting behind a desk with no authority to help you out.

Just my experience.
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