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Originally Posted by dave.klassen View Post
It's constructive criticism...if you can't handle it, don't post. We are professionals and we are trying to help you advance.
It is a foregone conclusion that any post to this Forum (especially pictures) is going to get criticism, good and bad. Your post is no exception. As to being professionals, only a year ago I did an extensive search in the Niagara area looking for a professional water feature contractor for a forum member that lives in the area. The search did not yield any results. This leads me to ask: How many years have you been in business and how many of those years have you been constructing water features? You obviously do not advertise in any way or you would have come up in the search results.

I also find it odd that you would even bother to comment on a thread that is almost 8 years old. Certainly the original poster (or responders, for that matter) will probably never see it or if they did, would care less at this point in time about any comment.

Having said all that, welcome to the forum. Hopefully WE can help YOU advance.
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