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just acquired a redmax 8001 with blown piston, couple questions

Hello, noob here. Ive rebuilt a few motors in my day so I'm familiar with the process. My neighbor owns a landscaping company and I was helping him out doing fall cleanups when one blower wouldn't start after shutting it off. The next day we started it in the morning and just let it run for 6 or 7 straight hours because we needed to get through the day Anyway it finally stopped running and he offered it to me for cheap. We haven't figured a price but I might just work a few hours for him in exchange.

I pulled the top end off and saw the piston had melted an indent in the middle and had cracked along the dome. The cylinder seems ok but I need to get a look in better light. So far I have a list of of about $30 in parts and $10 shipping which consist of a piston, 2 rings, pin, and base gasket from

I was going to reuse the circlips on either end of the pin and hopefully the cylinder and be in this for cheap money. My question is would you recommend the wrist pin bearing and keepers or should they be ok? Any tips I'd appreciate. Like I said I've rebuilt motors but mostly 4 strokes and a couple snowmobiles. Thanks in advance
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