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It's been about 8 years but I will try to relive it for you. This is in CT so the tests are give at our DEP. They are given about once every 2 months there is a 96% fail rate and that includes the retakers.

I had taken the classes for it and missed by 1 point got a 74 on main part and like a 96 on the core. The min was 75 on each to pass so a few years later I was in business and both my partner and I took the course and I guess I pushed him hard cause he passed first try. Now the test was set up with id and I know I did poorly on that then the chems again not a strong point. They had other weak areas for me the spot I did well on was the math I was informed I was the only one in the test group that got a 100 on that. So that carried me to the oral part. Now that was 3 months latter so me and my partner were 2 of 8 people to pass the test in the entire state in a 4 month period. When I did the oral it was allot easier then expected it was suppose to be a 3 person panel. But 2 couldn't make it so I did my oral with just one woman and I guess she didn't want to be responsible for flunking any one so we both passed. Now the most important part I got my new license in the mail a full day ahead of Lou and he never gets to hear the end of it.
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