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Originally Posted by PTP View Post
You know, just a few years ago, the cans that you are referring to as the "old cans" were the new cans that nobody could stand. It used to be that there was a hole in the back of the cans that had a lid on it that you could unscrew and the gas would come out fairly quickly. Now it takes 5 minutes just to empty the jug.

Actually, I like the new style (not as good as the really old style but better than the style that you have pictured). Once the locking mechanism falls off (you may have to help with this) it actually works fairly good. If you need faster flow, just remove the whole spout and have at it.
I never complained about the the ones i posted back when they came out, i was actually happy cause it vented itself and there was no spill. Now with the new ones that have the lock (see green tab in pic below), its a pita to pour just a little amount into a small tank
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