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Originally Posted by MCC LAWN CARE View Post
The only thing I have found new that is worth a flip is the Briggs and Stratton cans. They only last about 6 months though. I do have a place that has a bunch of new old stock of the old cans...only problem is that its in KS. My mom and brother are up there now I will have them get me as many as I can afford. Those cans really are good.
Where at in KS are ya talking? I don't really like the Briggs and Stratton cans because they tip over so easy unless you strap them about 3 different ways. Though they are better then the current Blitz cans.

Now if someone could find about a thousand NOS 5 gallon Gott cans, they would be millionaires today. I would give a hundred bucks a piece for a couple of em, as would a few other guys I know lol.
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