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Check out these cans. 5 gl . They are c.a.r.b.III compliant and they also sell c.a.r.b.II for the rest of the country.

That is the reason you don't find the old fashion cans any more since the feds require at least tier 2 level cans.

No spill is just a button and they are vented so you could empty a 5 gallon can in less than 2 minutes.

Draw back i have is it does trap the vapors and you are smart to vent it by pressing the button but other than that, they are great cans and you are compliant with your state and fed laws. They can be bought online through amazon, ebay exct...... and yes you still can spill gass, but the reason they went to the no vent cans is because of the emission\vapors gas cans emmit. go figure.
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