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Back when they made the older style of Blitz cans with the spount and the vent, I bought quite a few of them even though I had no idea they were going to be changing them in the future. Everyone used to tell me that I had way too many gas cans, and would say "no one needs that many cans, especially when they're solo".

Yea, well who's laughing now?? I have a bunch of the older, old Blitz 5 gallon cans with the vent in both gas and diesel, and several of the the next generation without the vent, but no lock. I bought them in 1 gallon vented, 1.5 gallon vented, 2 gallon non vented, and 2.5 gallon vented, and 5 gallon vented sizes. I even have one or two 5 gallon Gott cans. I'm set for life.

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