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yeah i miss the old style of cans with the flexible pouring spout and a vent you popped off at the back of the can. i do have one of the 5 gallon newer/older blitz cans like the first picture in this thread and i have a 1 gallon blitz can with that stupid lever you have to push down while pouring. it's a pain since you have to move that little switch in order to push the lever down. you almost need 3 hands to work that thing lol. i have to push the switch and push the lever down and then pick up the can while holding the lever down to pour. i use the smaller can for oil/gas mix. it's not that big of a problem but it is annoying. i think i'll try those no spill cans next time. i've seen them at the farmers co-op for sale.

usually i fill my mower up straight from the pump. even that is annoying since it cuts off way before the tank is completely full. then you have to keep putting gas in bit by bit because it fills up and then the level drops down. these newer gas tanks are annoying too lol.

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