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Originally Posted by RickyDL77 View Post
just some advice, after you get it running again, dont go cheap on gas and 2stroke oil.. those models in particular are very picky.. 300+ redmax units, 40 of those the EBZ8001RH models and 2/3 of those burnt the pistons just as your newly aquired unit has. the guys use regular unleaded 10% ethenol fuel and regular none synthetic oil. all the other units seem to do fine just the EBZ 7001-8001 models and the 8001 in particular.

Perhaps redmax got skimpy on the thickness of those pistons, nonetheless they state mid grade fuel or better and their synthetic blended oils for best results and to avoid voiding warranty.

one other note, make sure it is not running to lean. if it was not the fuel... then something caused it to overheat and melt the piston.
I was surprised at the low cost of the piston in the world did a piston melt down and not damage more stuff?
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