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Ok so after talking on the phone they were very helpful but do not have a prepay option. So basically I would have to type up prepay letters to my customers and whoever paid I could go into their package and set up as a discount so the balance would end out right.

I have a live demo set up with Jonathan next tuesday. I guess I could use the marketing just to make a mass letter to everyone welcoming them to 2012 then fill in what their price to prepay vs not prepay would be, then if prepay edit their package for a discount. Its some work and not sure if worth the extra $30 a month.

Either that or maybe I'll just make a word document prepay option and do them 1 by 1. Though kind of defeats purpose of trying to make less paperwork.

I am also playing around with jobber(I feel scheduling especially for lawn care isn't up to par), groundskeeper pro, and qxpress.
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