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KPZ, with all due respect to your friend, he may not be qualified to help you out. Further, he may not want to help you out for professional reasons (and rightfully so, therefore don't consider an unwilling response as a personal snub).

You need to work with somebody who deals with local and statewide ordinances on the matters of concern to this business (e.g. a divorce attorney is not qualified to understand the proper laws concerned with lawn care). The qualified attorney will understand the proper indemnification terms, the remedy clauses, jurisdiction clauses, etc. If you want a document with the proper legal teeth, do not use what is passed off as a "contract" by many posts on LS. These are simple letters of understanding (what I will do, what you will pay me, how often I will show up, when you will pay me). Some call these letters a "service agreement" but it doesn't matter. They don't qualify for either term being used.
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