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Ok. Good to hear! I am leaning toward going with SA. If prepay is available next year I can definitely put in the extra work of typing a letter and filling in information for just this year.

I have a list of things I will be able to ask Jonathan on Tuesday, but if anyone knows now here is what I'm planning on asking.

1.prepay option?

2. sort by routes/subdivision? (when i pull up all my round 1 fertilizers on the waiting list, any way to pull up by subdivision etc....i think i may be able to do this through filtering tags)

3.Customer lists? print out alist of all customers and their services?

4. Chemical reporting on invoice? i believe i saw this mentioned that it is possible but need to have required records for the state just in case. With realgreen you fill out date and time and leave invoice so i'll maybe have to make a sheet to leave with the actual invoice?

5. Call ahead customers? Such as the advance notification list for chemical apps.

If anyone knows let me know, or if theres anything you'd like me to ask Jonathan I'd be glad to on Tuesday
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