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Re: 1st Mower

Originally posted by mrbenfer
New to commercial lawn mowing.

I'm 17 and have around 12 accounts that on average take 45mn to a hour to complete (one takes 2 hours to mow) with my 21"YardMan W/b. I'm STILL growing by word of mounth.
Welcome to the industry. Make the best of it and learn as much as you can from as many areas as you can.

Originally posted by mrbenfer
My question to you is this :
Is this the right time to upgrade to a commercial size mower?
OR... Am I still young enough that i can stick it out for another year or so?
Yes this is a good time to upgrade. There are many benefits to a commercial machine; Quality of cut (blade speed and lift), maneuverabilty, longer life of the machine(very rugged), and less operator fatigue. There are many more reasons and with proper maintenance it will last you a long time.

Originally posted by mrbenfer
Since i'm a teenager i dont have much money to work with if i choose to upgrade. Since i'm under 18 i cant take out a loan.
As these other fine people have said there is a lot of good deals out there. Demo as much as possible. Give cedit a try with a co-signer you might suprise yourself, however don't get in over you head . Keep your feet on the ground and MAKE THOSE PAYMENTS!

Originally posted by mrbenfer
I'm interested in a used commercial grade mower W/B with a 36'' deck that i can add a sulke to. I'm not interested in anything over $2500. Can you find a mower at this dollar? Or would it be wizer to stick it out and save up?
One place you may want to look is yor dealers. I know the ones in this area have a lot of good used equpiment from time to time. They get trade-ins, repos, even units on consignment from guys going out of business. Look the unit over real well, try to demo it, and go with your "gut" if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Check the engine for knocking and pinging( not good), give the blades a test; engage them, listen for bad noises.(with the engine off) wiggle the blades from underneath; you want to have good spindles.

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