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Ha at one of my job sites where I am installing drainage, the next door neighbor is installing a shed on the side of his house. He had to move a bunch of cheap laborer installed laterals in order to pour a footing for his shed. Well, the entire backyard is fed from the anti-siphon valves in the front (which are of course about 3/4 the way buried in the planter)...but also the slope in the backyard had some anti-siphon valves (at the bottom of the slope of course) which were fed from a line that was fluster clucked together with a bunch of laterals (buried 4" deep naturally) that fed from the front to the backyard for the grass around the pool and planters.

Regardless, it was a mess. And while I had ran to get some drainage tiles, he cut the mainline that fed the anti-siphon slope valves, not knowing that it would be in there because the valves were in a stupid spot. I can't stand seeing electric/water lines buried shallow, some people must have no idea that there is even a code for such a thing.
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