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Start early and go often in the neighborhoods you want. You are always money-ahead to get your customers clustered together. Start the day the snow melts. Say March 10. If you can recruit some kids to help that is always a plus. (Need supervision--of course).
Remember a lot of other companies will be doing the same thing. Its a lot of walking. Be ready to pass out a very good brochure--you don't want walk 20 miles and and pass out a door hanger that is inferior to any other company. One percent response is typical. Half of those are sold, typically.

And do not quit at 5. Lots of people get home about 5--be absolutely ready to measure and quote any time you get the chance. Have your sales pitch well-memorized With a little luck you should be able to sell about one house an hour. Feel free to park your truck in front of their house with the flashers on to attract attention. (Wash your truck.)

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