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Happy New Year! and business resolutions

Happy new year to all. Thought I'd also share some business resolutions I am making as well. Things to strive for in 2012 that I needed some work on. Feel free to share your resolutions for your business as well-

I resolve to begin marketing my 2012 lighting season in January 2012. I will not wait until October to wake up and realize I gotta hurry up and get postcards mailed. My 2012 goal is to mail at least one saturation route every month for January through November. 10% of the new Christmas Light jobs I did came from landscape lighting clients that were new in 2011. so doing more marketing for that to expand that side of the business leads to an easier time getting new work on the Christmas side.

I resolve to spend less on my personal life so I am not choking my business to death. One of the reasons I have trouble doing all the marketing I want is the money is just not there . I divested myself of two mortgaged properties in 2011, and although my wife and I plan to buy some land in 2012 and start building a personal home in 2013, I am still committed to spending more money on the business side and less on the personal side.

I resolve to organize business inventory stuff better in 2012. I feel as though we have made great strides in 2010 and 2011 with the new shop and pallet racks up, but we still need a lot of polish- better orgainzed rack storage for wreaths and boxes, better tool storage, mainly we need to redo our shelving for what the employees need to grab on a day to day basis-clips, bulbs, cords, etc. all the tools we use for both landscape lighting and Christmas lights, along with the construction stuff, desperately needs to be laid out and stored to be used. currently they just seem to be stacked up.

I resolve to continue to improve the structure of the shop- I need to close in the left very top with a soffit. It looks like the extension of the right side and enclosing the smaller shop will have to wait until 2013. I just don't have the 15000 extra laying around to do what I want. But we should get the drainage work done, left soffit and gutters, and finish front fence with welded gate and the wood part with stain to match shop.

I resolve to train and work with new office manager to make sure she works on payroll, collections and postcard marketing. I am very sick and tired of being the one who calls and chases folks down for funds. It is way past time for someone else to do it.

I resolve to make sure the new office manager does follow up calls on every rehang and new install we do. I am no longer satisfied with waiting for folks to call and complain.

I resolve to train a couple of temp guys to be the "night time" crew That drives around from around the moment lights start coming on around the week of Thanksgiving until Christmas eve. They will work around 5-10 in whatever install truck has come in first. They will have a complete list of all properties and try to inspect/visit all properties at least once per week. they will fix stuff as they find it and make notes so I know what properties are being fixed. The sad reality is once you get over 200 properties you average about 4 hours a day in repairs for that 35 day period if you go looking for them.

I resolve to get all my trucks with graphics on them. those things get me work, but I bought 2 box vans this year and they both need banners.

I probably should stop. other thoughts out there?
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