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Smallaxe - Having lived in Burlington, VT for a few years (years ago) I have to disagree with your comment about people not being ready for Organic Solutions. The entire state of Vermont, Maine, CT, MA, RI, Upstate New York as well as other parts of the US have not only been ready but they are starting to lose their patience. People in these parts of the country are foward thinking - environmentally safe thinking sort of folks.

If I owned a Lawn Care Business (only have clients who own them) I would be promoting the heck out of "Organic Solutions" and I would do my utmost to educate those consumers who are not on board yet. No, I probably would not purchase a franchise at this time but for one reason only...

I would position myself, my website, my website name (does not have to be your business name and you can have multiple sites for a lot of additional exposure) and anything I printed in such a way as to let folks know... If you want "Organic Solutions" - I've got them ready for you.
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