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Originally Posted by mowing4rlife View Post
GREAT TRAILER SET UP! What do you do for advertising? I try to use all forms of free advertising online. Currently use a facebook like page,, ( where you can run a free business ad), and the only paying advertising i use to get work is business magnets for my truck, postcards, and business cards.During the growing season i am able to get 2 phone call a day on top of my regular clients just by what i use to advertise my business..

One great site you can use to help post ads on craigslist in html code is "".You just copy and past upload photo to this site and they give you the html code to post on craigslist. It really easy to ad text to your lawn photo graph to help enhance the amount of phone calls you get in. Try it and let me know how it works for you.
I'm not trying to brag or say I'm all that - I just don't advertise too much because I almost have more work than I can handle already. I live in an area where people just do not seem to want to do their own lawns. Also, I am not very computer savy or tech savy. This site is all I can handle. I don't even know what "html code" is - I'm just the lawnguy!
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