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Fixture Suggestions - 120V HID In-Grade

I am desgining a retrofit system for the facade of a shopping mall and am looking for recommendations for commercial spec., 120V, HID, in-grade (flush) fixtures.

Currently considering the CO2 and HP2 from BK, and the IG7 from Vision3.

I would like to use either GX10 MR16 MH or T4 MH lamps inside.
As this is a retrofit and some of the fixtures will need to be cored into existing concrete sidewalks, the fixtures will have to be round with no appendages sticking off the sides like the Lumiere Monaco has. Ideally brass, bronze or stainless steel construction.

I have looked at Hydrel, KIM, Vista, Hevilite and HK as options but not found much that will work from them.

If you have any recommendations, please share.
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